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    When it comes to games though, PS3 wins. Wii lacked third party. X360 lacked first party. PS3 had both in spades.
    Wii made the mistake of underestimating how fast tech would grow. PS3 went too far on the other end, and as a result, lost the console war.
    The Blu-Ray player added $200 to the system's price and only 1 game (MGS4) needed it.
    Better system than the 360, but the late launch and original high price, coupled with the resulting weaker online community, caused this system to not be as popular as it should have been.
    A great system
    I switched from Xbox 360 to Ps3 because I got sick of dealing with the dreaded red rings (and that's with taking care of the system). I'm satisfied with my ps3. The browser fucks up sometimes, but that's about it. The one thing I'll give Microsoft is their controllers; infinitely more comfortable than the Sony's excuse for a controller.
    Great system with comfortable and indestructable contollers. The PS3 does everything! I've owned practically every game system since Pong (before Atari 2600) and the PS3 has been incredible. Mine is on like 5 hrs a night (Netflix and gaming combined) and never had a problem/overheating or error and its been nearly 3 yrs.
    Sony fan here, but it's underrated because the 360 can still be hacked into and their games as well, so pirated copies, ones that are cheap but rubbish and get you banned, is common because it's cheap.
    It's about right.
    At least my PS3 doesn't RRoD. Want to know some more pros? Free online services, a store similar or better than the XBOX Live Marketplace and a fantastic Blu-Ray player built in to one nice package. Very underrated system that is better than that red ringed white box.
    Playstation 3 sucks. As do all new consoles and games.
    All people do is whine about the price, but it's worth the money. You can play HD games, BD's & DVD's (with a variety of display options), import movie/audio/picture files on to it, buy movies and games, it has a very quiet processor, it never scratches your game discs, it has built-in Wi-Fi, and you get free membership to the Network which offers lots from demos, trailers, free online gaming, etc. You can also play old PS1 games on it and try them out w/ a wireless controller for once.
    I only own the first two generations of the Playstation series but I noted how panned the system is. I can not give a proper review until I own a PS3.

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    Red Dead Redemption - Really repetitive formula. Do a mission. Ride your horse. Shoot people. Do another mission.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - It's just GTA III with a 80's re-skin.

    Call of Duty - All COD games before 2007 are overrated. All COD games 2007 onward (aside from 5) are overrated.

    Super Mario Sunshine - Used to be underrated. Has been getting some praise lately though.

    Super Mario 64 - Hasn't aged well. Clunky controls by today's standards. Small enemy-to-land ratio makes enemies easy to dodge. Water levels are awful.