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    I like the Wii. Very progressive console. Saved Nintendo from fading into obscurity. It was very innovative, controls felt super-smooth (I wish it got more shooters).
    A console for casuals!
    is there a tag for nintendo? because i think nintendo is overrated as hell. sure they made mario, but all of their gaming systems have crap games compared to xbox or ps2. they just lure in ppl with lower prices on their gaming systems
    If it didn't have a complete assortment of crap games it would've been worth it. One can only have so much fun with Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda.
    When you consider the system's popularity, it may seem overrated, but the reality of the situation is that it is passed off as third-rate by 'hardcore' gamers who are ignorant of the many great games on the system. Wii is actually underrated.
    I genuinely don't like this system. I don't care for the oh-so-innovative controller, it feels weird and uncomfortable to me. I also don't care for the game library, there seems to be a lot of filler titles and Mario sequels, and an obvious lack of Mature titles. I loved Mario Kart & similar titles as a kid but not anymore. Not to mention I don't care for hyped up systems whose gamers go around insulting people for having a different opinion. You guys who tell people to grow up for having an opinion need to grow up. I would imagine a person who plays 10 hours a day of next-gen games in the basement of their parent's home knows video games really really well, so If that person believes the Wii sucks I am inclined to also agree. Bash me if it makes you stronger. Honestly you think being a stuck-up fanboy who hates on other fanboys makes you a man? Sure, whatever kids. I'm just saying the Wii is overrated. PS3, Xbox360, and the PC (yes, did you forget that PC plays games too?) are better systems in general, offering a greater variety of games in high quality.
    I agree, if you over rated it, then get a life and try the games (and not just Wii Sports, which is a free game) The only system that is over rated is the PS3.
    I can't say enough about Nintendo trying to create a game system for families. If you overrated the Wii, you probably live in your mom's basement playing your Xbox 10 hours a day. Get a life.
    It is overrated bacause it outsells the PS3 and the 360, two systems, that are both way superior. The only reason it is that successful is, that it excells in something that isn't really essential for gaming: the ability to spark interest in segemnts that traditionally don't give a fuck about games. If people buy the Wii for Wii Sports or Wii fit or other shit, then this pretty much cements the fact that it is overrated. 360 and PS3 over it anyday.
    gives me a headache
    Finally had a chance to play the Wii and I don't know what all the fuss is about. AAA games like Mario Galaxy were good but the popular Wii Sports and Play were shallow tech demos IMO. Furthermore my PS and Xbox look better on my HDTV than the majority of mini game complilations that saturated this platform. I was obviously not the intended audience for this console and won't buy into the hype.
    even though it's marketed for the younger generation i feel as a university student we can still all play it and have fun
    Nintendo is generally seen as a "kids game" company. While they excel in fun, pick-up-and-play games, I don't think it's fair to say they are only for kids. Motion sensors are pretty gimmicky in some games (like Zelda) and awkward in others (like FPSes), but some games work really well with them. My (50 year old) dad hasn't played video games since I made him play with me in 3rd grade, but he's hooked on Resident Evil 4.
    I just got my Wii today, and my wife and I can't stop playing. We're still working on the Sports collection. As of right now we like the tennis and bowling games. Is this the right place to tell everyone that she kicked my ass in boxing?

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    Red Dead Redemption - Really repetitive formula. Do a mission. Ride your horse. Shoot people. Do another mission.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - It's just GTA III with a 80's re-skin.

    Call of Duty - All COD games before 2007 are overrated. All COD games 2007 onward (aside from 5) are overrated.

    Super Mario Sunshine - Used to be underrated. Has been getting some praise lately though.

    Super Mario 64 - Hasn't aged well. Clunky controls by today's standards. Small enemy-to-land ratio makes enemies easy to dodge. Water levels are awful.