Little Miss Sunshine

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    Over rated, I didn't find it that funny.
    it was just a weird movie
    I laughed hard, but not very often, it's more an oddball drama than a comedy. As a weird road trip movie, it's good, as a comedy, it's adequite. It's no masterpeice by any stretch.
    this movie is underrated. people who think this movie is overrated expect WAY too much when they go to the movies. gawd, not every movie ever made is supposed to be titanic/lord of the rings/(insert other name of epic film) with huge battle sequences, tons of drama, etc. etc. if you don't get little miss sunshine or like it, just leave it at that, don't bash it. personally, i love this movie because i think it is well written. the humor isn't laugh til your stomach hurts, it makes you think, like how ironic it is that the dad, a motivational speaker ends up demotivating everyone around him. i think movies such as the hangover are WAY overrated, sure they are funny, but you lose brain cells in the process of laughing. naked man running out of car. how old do you have to be to find that funny? in the seventh grade?
    Basically, this movie is a complete piece of shit except for the parts with the grandpa in it. That old bastard is hilarious, but aside from him, there really is no point in seeing this turd. After he dies, just turn it off.
    This movie was an enormous disappointment. Judging by the hype, I thought I was going to be viewing one of the funniest films of all time. The film did not live up to its hype. Alan Arkin was the only redeeming thing about this movie. Abigail Breslin was cute, but far from Oscar worthy. Unless you consider screaming and wearing big glasses to be the equivalent of great acting.
    What was so great about it? The only good part of this film was Abigail Breslin and Alan Arkin. Paul Dano gave a good performance too. I mean it wasn't mindblowing like everyone said it was.
    This movie was nowhere as bad as Dan in Real Life, but I still hated it. Why do critics continue to give these forced movies good reviews? Frustrating.
    Vacation with Chevy Chase from the 80s did a better job at what this movie was trying to do.
    Not bad, but I was surprised this was considered one of the best films of the year.
    It was too much set up for the single punch line finish. It was an ok film, but not funny enough for how long it was.
    It produced so much indie-film hype, but I feel like it didn't meet it. When Paul Dano's character finds out he's color-blind? That was the most abrupt, set up scene I've ever watched. It wasn't bad, but I guess I had higher expectations for it. It has some great parts, but it most definitely did NOT deserve the Oscar, thank godness it didn't get it. It's a good film, but was definitely overrated.
    I thought this was a great movie with a very fresh, organic feel to it. I wish more kids at my school know about it.
    The dialog of Little Miss Sunshine is a 2nd rate rip Wes Anderson rip off, the 'action' is a decades old rehash of 'family vactaion', and the story is simple and a bit shoddy. What is the story arc? She gets into a beauty contest, she performs, everyone hates it, her family supports her. It is an almost structureless rip off of better movies and is made watchable almost single handedly by the talent of the actors involved and the natural charm of Abigail Breslin. And like someone below said, you have an entire movie that leads to one cute-kid-doing-inappropriate-dance gag at the end. Maybe the most overrated movie of the last 30 years simply because everyone wants to be a part of the next indie hit. Napoleon Dynamite and Royal Tenenbaums this film is not.
    How original is this movie??? VERY original...that's how original. Great flick.
    Loved it! Laugh-out-loud loved it ... and the expert, in-depth development of diverse characters! Not sure if the comedy is the icing for the characters or the reverse, but rare to see both so well integrated. Interesting note ... the reason Abigail Breslin wore the earphones in the van ... Alan Arkin refused to do that scene within her earshot, so the earphones were added! Gotta love that!
    Great script, production was very well done, and every one of the principal cast members knocked it out of the park. That dancing scene at the end seemed a little canned, but it certainly was not enough to detract from a quality character-driven film such as this.
    The dance scene at the end of the movie caused me to laugh harder than I have in years. The whole movie seems to be a set-up for that scene.
    The Oscar nomination for Best Picture is totally warranted.
    I loved this movie - it was better than I thought it would be, and I expected a lot. I loved the relationships between characters, especially the suicidal uncle and sullen teenager, and the pervy grandpa's affection for his granddaughter seemed real and sweet. Plus, hilarious car-chasing!
    This movie was so great! The actors give wonderful performances with great personality and depth. I thought it did a great job telling a disfunctional story in a clever and humorous way while still being respectful of the characters' struggles.
    I liked it, but it had some slow moments. I thought the overall message was warm and endearing and that final scene was ultra-climactic, as all the tension that has been building up about the film finally comes crashing down on you in a wave of hilarity. But it was like one long, drawn out joke, ultimately. And when it was over, you were left with that. Not really a life changing film or anything.
    One of those movies where it was so much better than I thought it would be. Good story, good acting, good ending. One of my top movies of the year.
    This is a wonderful movie that everyone should see. Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Alan Arkin and Toni Collette all give great performances. And the emergence of newcomers Abigail Breslin and Paul Dano is refreshing. A great movie with depth, darkness, and funny.

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