An Inconvenient Truth

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    The Earth has been getting warmer for thousands of years, as part of an ongoing cycle, and this movie is irrelevant. The people is frightens are the same ones who have and will continue to stand in the way of clean, nuclear power. They hasten the inevitable warming with their own ignorance. It would be better to prepare ourselves and our descendants for a warmer world; it's only natural. BTW, if you really want to make a difference, read up on thorium nuclear power. Spread the real knowledge.
    A film inconveniently devoid of truth, but underrated if you look at the influence it has had. Anyone to the left of Cheney believes in this nonsense, which is surprising considering how cold the last few years have been.
    this movie really opens your mind to what we are doing as people to our environment its terrible...but its very true...i do think they had right to bashing the old administration (bush) because he was doing a terrible job and im glad what was said was said and put out there for the people who thought other wise.
    Global Warming is a ploy.
    too concerned with bashing the current administration and offers no suggestions on combating global warming
    Good, informative documentary
    I fell asleep watching it. Why? The man talks more about himself than the enviroment, and he rarely backs his theories up with any evidence, instead he claims that the question concerning global warming is to great to be discussed.
    Overrated in the light Al Gore takes every last crumb of credit for everything and milked this thing to death. I couldn't believe he won the Oscar, and I thought I'd gone crazy when he got the Nobel. What about all the serious researchers who made these discoveries, who aren't busy bathing themselves in the limelight like Gore? I wish we could drop Gore out of the picture, and focus on the real issue, Global Warming. And some people watch his film, and that's that for them. They don't do any further independent research on the subject to get even more informed now that they have the basics. Instead, they just spew out stats from the movie...
    Surprisingly watchable and informative.
    I don't like Al Gore.
    I definately think that it is, as he says in the movie, an inconvenient truth. unfortunately, I got some of the "politics" behind the movie which turned me off. Not to say that global warming isn't a problem...
    I really appreciated this movie as a person that cares about the environment. It was really nice to have information about the damage and destruction we are doing to our planet in such a public and accessible way. That being said, I still dont' think that it was given the attention it deserved.
    Pudiera tener algo de propaganda, pero nos dan una clase de como desapareceremos con algo de humor.

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