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    Not one of Pixar's best films. But so surprising how much it makes from its merchandise!
    Not as funny or charming as other Pixar films. Somewhat over rated, doesn;t hold a candle to Wall E or Finding Nemo.
    Just saw this and I thought it was pretty good. If it is so unoriginal, what did it copy? Nothing comes to mind for me. Pixar once again took an idea that could never be done well except in animation and the CG makes it EVEN BETTER than the classics. No priest with an erection or cloud of sex either.
    Talking cars with windshield eyes? What an unoriginal concept. This was formulaic "family" filmmaking at its most annoying.
    Everyone says that this is the end of Pixar or something but it's far better than Ratattoiulle which is over rated
    It's a shame that you can take a well-intentioned, talented director and pair him with a 400 lb gorilla of quality animated films and still come up with something that makes you feel like they rushed script on this one. The movie itself is *aight* but the hype machine surrounding the release and never-ending merchandising makes this mofo overrated -- oh, and the video game is certainly a lackluster piece of crap that doesn't even cut it as a racing game for kids. Pole Position on the 2600 forever!!!!!
    i would say that this is underrated. Sure, it's not the best Pixar film, but it is still an enjoyable animated movie.
    Great moral value and context for the little guys! There are not enough movies out there that don't contain violence, swearing, and nasty behavior for the kids to watch anymore. (especially boys) As far as the classics go...there aren't very many that a three year old boy will watch! Cars is fast moving and has the graphics and humor that kids want these days.
    I friggen' hate all movies like this!(Including finding nemo and all that crap!) Classic Disney is way better any day! I agree with chunkyshoes!
    He's not that good. His movie that came out only made it worse. Everybody always jumps on the band wagon. Plus the movie was lame.

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