Donnie Darko

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    Pretentious film. Pretty over rated. Somewhat entertaining but not as deep as its fans would have you believe.
    It's overrated because people think it has some deep meaning when it really has nothing. Just because it's weird and maybe "trippy" does not mean it's good.
    The only movie with a character I can identify with.
    Creepy and atmospheric, not to mention some classic Gyllenhaal acting. When a film plays with your mind this well, you know it is one of the greats
    A great portrayal of the significance of each human being.
    Every few years an off kilter cult hit comes along with killer story and depth. Movies such as Pulp Fiction. Donnie Darko has been latched onto by a generation with no such movie at their disposal and has been imputed with an implied depth when in reality it is simply a dark, depth less wannabe with a poor story and contrived symbolism that counts on its audience's high school/college freshman sensibilities.
    A cult classic, and deservingly so.
    Unlike Gammafighter, I got it- I just couldn't muster up enough interest to care about any of it.
    When i first saw Donnie Darko, i kinda liked it, but i kept expecting the ending to explain everything. I thought about it for a while, i realized that it doesn't really make sense. I even went to the website and read all the stuff there that supposedly explains everything, but it still doesn't make sense. Still, people are constantly praising this movie which makes me think it's overrated.

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