Superman Returns

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    Dissapointing. Kind of boring to be honest with you.
    Let me say this, Superman Returns is a decent film. However, too much emphasis was focused on the intense action scenes which to me, were executed in an uninspiring matter. The storyline is a tad disappointing to me because not enough was explained of the characters. I wanted to enjoy this movie, but it has fallen short of its goal. Not a bad action movie though.
    Bad pacing and mediocrity makes this movie what it is. Just meh.
    I woudln't call this overrated or underrated because there are a lot of people who hate and a lot of people who don't.
    Bleh. Can anybody tell me what the climax of this film was? I'm glad they made back all the money they put into that film, but please never do it again. It's just too bland. The characters, the action, just nothingness. Was it horrible? No, I've seen much worse, but it's like eating paper. Nada.
    Horrible. Superman is reduced to being a super-stalker. There are already enough heroes out there with mental problems, why make Superman one of the gang? And a kid? LAME!
    This movie is very underrated judging by these comments. Sure, the movie was pretty lengthy and there was not much action and the acting was sub-par, but it was not horrible. If you want a bad comic book movie, see Catwoman or The Punisher.
    oops, i clicked on the wront button. i meant to say over-rated. thanks.
    Sorry guys, but I did not enjoy this movie. It had the least action of any comic book movie ever. this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it was for this movie because it moved so darn slowly. there was virtually no character development, either, and the plot seemed weak to me.
    There was so much hype around the movie everyone was probably subconciously forced to like. It wasn't the worst movie ever but it was too long and was just a bunch of flying around saving people for 3 hours. Gets old and boring.
    Terrible. Like Star Trek 1, but instead of panning the pretty ship, they were panning the pretty Superman. Superman hardly ever said anything, and was Clark for like 5 seconds. Can he act? I'm not sure, but I know he can pose. I was not expecting much, and it was still terrible. The casting was like the movie, most of the cast looked good in the roles, but they didn't do much. I'm not sure whose fault that was. Lex was pretty good, that was all.
    This movie was so terrible. The acting was brutal, the actors were boring, the plot was underwhelming, and while sometimes I can get in the mood for a good no brainer, this one was so bad that it was almost stressful to watch.
    Guys, if you like the first two, you should've loved this one. Kevin Spacey rocks as Lex, specially the part where he kicked Supes' ass. I agree on the new Lois though. Brandon is OK as Superman, but lacks character development as Clark. I would say this movie is underrated for what it's worth.
    Superman is an inferior comic book hero.
    REALLY boring... the first two were INFINITELY superior. The new kid who plays Supes isn't bad.. but Kevin Spacey, who is usually brilliant, was really disappointing. And the new Lois... don't even get me started...

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