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    Does Beck make your curly-Q mustaches tingle you fucking hipsters? There comes a point when creativity is no longer creativity and becomes dicking around, and smelling your own farts. Dude sounds awful, and is the musical equivalent of a Portland "artist" taking a shit on a potted fern then selling it for $30,000
    I think Beck is style over substance. He's talented at riding the edge of fashion, musically. I don’t think his music will live on in the future. Rather, it’s “just ok music" that when you hear it you say, “Wow, that's kinda weird. No one else is doing that.” But over time that will fade and have to be explained as, “You have to understand: back then, no one was doing something like that. Also, he bravely presented himself in a really awkward manner which most people dare not do. That’s why we thought it was good."
    Beck is one of the few musicians who transcends the notion of the genre. He's alternative, sure, but not "alternative rock"-- he's the alternative to predictable music. Only Gorillaz can boast the range of musical styles that Beck has used, and Beck's a solo artist which is even more impressive. Que Onda Guero is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
    A master of lots of different styles, which to most listeners is too confusing and can kill a career (see Palmer, Robert), but, hey, he doesn't need your approval to be a genius. One listen to MORNING PHASE will decide whether you have a heart or a Dick Cheney Special. He's the new Bowie, but he's kept his energy level high much longer than Bowie did.
    He is a genious but I see why he kinda disappeared. His song are too much "playfull" to endure in time. But he is still very underrated
    I can't remember ever using the word "genius" to describe someone, but it seems to fit for Beck. The guy has such an incredible aesthetic sense, great sense of humor, and is an excellent songwriter to boot. He constantly tops my "artists I don't listen to enough" list.
    Beck is a fucking genius.
    Under rated, he is a musical genius who transcends genre.
    Great artist not one of my favorites but very underrated.In the sense that he gets very little recognition for his versatility.
    I'm not the biggest fan of Beck's works, but he's wildly versatile and prolific. That's really are admirable, and he's got a lot of devoted fans for it. He's "about right" in popularity, I'd say.
    He's underrated. He is hugely diverse and most of his great music flies under the radar. That's understandable though. He writes tons of music and most of it isn't radio friendly. Modern Guilt really should have had at least one radio hit on it though, cuz that album is super-fresh sounding with great melodies and songs. His earlier lyrics were pretty much word salad, but he's gotten past that to write really insightful poetry. I try to ignore that he's a Scientologist.
    In my opinion, one of the most under rated creative geniuses of all time. Just today I read an article about how his next album is being released only as sheet music and he's leaving making the music up to the fans. I love it. The only album he released that I was never fond of was Sea Change. Although I respect him for making that album and doing what he wants as an artist, I found it to be boring and uninteresting. Last time I tried listening to it, I literally fell asleep. Guero and Mellow Gold, on the other hand, are two of my favorite albums of all time and I don't think enough people have heard enough of him to give him a fair chance.
    "Odelay" would be enough to say he's one of the best songwriters to ever live. He also wrote 10 other albums, although not all are what you'd call perfect albums, they are all full of at least 2-3 fantastic songs. Overall, I don't think most will ever appreciate what he has done for music for many years.
    not many artists can have radio hits in two decades such as beck, but he is still underrated, his experimentation was better in the 90's but his lyrics are better in the 00's, his last effort modern guilt may be his finest poetic batch of songs to date, his consistency and vast instrumentation have make him one of the very few brilliant minds in mainstream music
    Banana orange eggplant octopus kumquat.
    They're better as Sex Bob-Omb.
    Modern Guilt is hellava good album! Underrated.
    90's Beck is a bit overrated, but 00's Beck is quite underrated. The Information is a great album and Modern Guilt's Chemtrails is one the best songs he's ever written.
    Beck is extremely overrated except when it comes to Sea Change. Odelay is vastly overrated by everyone. Loser is his best song.
    You guys should listen to The Information and Modern Guilt. Both albums are great. This is of course in addition to all the stuff he did earlier. In addition to listening to the whole album, one has to listen to it a couple of times. Sorry most you guys are serious poser music connoisseurs. Lazy f**ks!
    Hard to say. Was probably overrated at one point, probably underrated now. Some of the stuff he does is just great. His voice gets old to me after awhile though. He should incorporate more guest artists to mix it up.
    he's good, but he's just not the great amazing musical jesus that everyone makes him out to be.
    He sounds like Radiohead would sound in like 2050 or something.
    Consistantly changing his image and music, and always being great.
    "Mellow Gold" and "Midnite Vulture" are both stone cold classics. The rest of his stuff I can take or leave (and he's not even remotely Dylanesque), but he deserves a place in the Pantheon for those albums alone.
    Beck is great, Everyone knows that song Where it's At and has sung along to it at one point in their life. In no way shape or form are they over rated.
    Mellow Gold and Odelay are decent but his new stuff is very BLAND.
    He's a great musician, and his samplimg is some of the best
    Beck has range. His singles don't show off what he's capable of.
    I think Beck doesn't get much airplay because he's not that entertaining. His music is filled with loops and talentless writing. So I think it is fair that he doesn't get that much radio airplay. However, he shouldn't even be allowed to make another album. Stop wasting the world's plastic!
    Beck doesnt really gain too much popularity. Its hard to say hes overrated.
    Totally overrated. Nothing more annoying than a white guy who thinks he's funky. Just horrible.
    Beck is an amazingly talented guy who never lived up to his potential. The controversial hit single 'Loser' brought him public attention, and his follow up, and admittedly genius, album 'Odelay brought him to the forefront of pop culture as the future of music. Unfortunately his inventiveness, if anything, backslid from that point on, and he has been stuck in a watered down version of 1996 ever since. He could have been legendary.
    Beck has zero songwriting and music composition skills. The reason why he's so well liked is that he: 1) is an extremely likable, cute, and cuddly hipster and 2) he has a great producer who wraps all of his tuneless melodies with beautiful loops and ambience.So Beck is overrated, but his producers are underrated.
    I've never understood what the hype is all about with this guy. Overrated, to be sure. He sure doesn't deserve the raves he's received with songs that are exceedingly average at best.
    I think Beck is talented and interesting, but he's not the musical savior many make him out to be.
    As good as Sea Change is, Beck's "genius" has shown only in flashes - Mellow Gold, Odelay, Mutations. Everything else is solid to very good but certainly not the work of our generation's Dylan as some have called him.
    i agree entirely with awerty
    For some reason, everyone i know wants to take beck up the ass because they think he's a genius, i listened to a couple of his songs, and found nothing special about his music. it's very bland, and it seems as though he is trying too hard to make a new style by fusing different genres, but fails miserably.
    how could anyone say beck is overrated! who ever makes a big deal about Beck??
    He's good, but his talents haven't really turned into much, especially not lately.

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