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    Coldplay are competent musicians. Yes, Chris Martin is an overly-earnest wuss, but he can write good songs with good lyrics. He tends to be a self-righteous scold, but lots of singers are like that. And sure. Lots of catchy songs. But this website isn't about whether or not a band makes good music. It's about whether a band is overrated. And God yes, Coldplay is overrated. Are they as good as Travis? Sure. Elbow? Of course. But crazily overrated.
    I agree with stiringgray: every song is an instant hit. Writing a good hook accompanied with great progression and melody isn't easy, and they've managed to do it with nearly every song. I think too many people rated based on how sick and tired they are of hearing "Clocks" while in line at the grocery store.
    Chris Martin is a boring piece of junk wiped off the gutters of Exeter. The music itself is alright, but the lyrics and the singing and the way he sings and his psychology should burn, burn in the fires of Hell. Snap your CDs.
    I love Coldplay. They are one of the best bands in existence.
    Its funny that 2 apologist refer to U2 and how great they are compared to Coldplay. Granted U2 is better than Coldplay but U2 is so much overrated than almost any band. I think coldplay is just overrated because they get so much air time on commercial radio and I hate their music. But the fowls love coldplay.
    Under-rated. Great hook writer. He writes endless catchy melodies using the most simple chords and ideas: how do you do that? It's not easy. Talent! And a great voice...
    They should be wiring money to U2 as they are so derivative it is sad. Bono must be sad.
    Pumped out hits
    Two words....They Suck. I have yet to hear the base guitar in ANY of their stuff. Comparing them to U2 is insulting on 2 many levels. The Edge would take Coldplay's guitarist (whoever the hell he is) behind the proverbial "woodshed" and rip him a new one.
    I enjoy Coldplay immensely. Their music is pretty atmospheric and lovely.
    Awfully close to elevator music ... safe, formulaic, and backgroundy ... no edge that challenges you and pulls you into another world. It's like politically correct music, instead of conversation.
    Cold Rush of Blood was an immaculate album. Everything after that has been self-indulgent garbage. They're good, but they're not U2 - the very band they are trying to become. Go back to your friggin' piano dummy, you're not Bono.
    Coldplay ROCKS!
    Coldplay's best song they made used a stolen guitar riff. It's just all hype....Overrated
    See decaffeinated Radiohead.
    They're alright but they're highly over-rated.
    Not so much overrated, than just plain shit...
    See U2.
    Their songs have no meaning. Short phrase ostenatos seem to be the theme of their melodies. Quite boring.
    i adore coldplay. around here they get some pretty positive 'feedback' and they deserve it all. every song is beautiful, and their live show is immense.

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