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    A band stuck somewhere in the armpit between The Offspring and Fall Out Boy. These guys have essentially a classic rock reputation nearly on par with the Clash and Ramones, but they don't have the meaningful lyrics of the Clash or the raw headbanging awesomeness of the Ramones. If they didn't pander to teen angst, they would be about as popular as Primus. And that's being generous.
    I'm gonna go with about right simply because Dookie is the shit
    A so-so power-pop band that had the nerve to call themselves "punk", followed by people too naive to know the difference. Armstrong fakes a breakdown every few years to keep the band looking "rawk". If he really had any integrity he'd have killed himself at 27, like you're supposed to. Stupidest drummer EVER.
    This one is a no brainer...
    Alright band, but overrated. The Green Day fanbase consists of their newer albums. The scene and emo kids took over and ruined everything. People overlook their earliest releases- which consisted of one their best songs. Presently, they are most recognized by American Idiot.
    decent band, but nothing special, definitely overrated
    The fanbase Green Day has now would fit their earlier albums, but their new stuff is just not worthy of such a dedicated group of fans. I have yet to hear why they are so dedicated to this band. There's not a lot of creative ideas at work.
    Pleasant but simplistic music. Over rated.
    They were a solid band for over a decade and received far too little praise and attention during the height of the creativity. For that I say they are underrated. However, their work post-American Idiot has been quite lackluster and overhyped.
    I think Green Day are overrated, but I agree with newfirelabs. The album is over-hated, and is a great album
    also just to point out, there punkest album was american idiot, and for anyone who says that was when green day went down hill is just saying that because that is when they got popular, but that album was way more daring than anything they did before it. They pushed the limits with holiday and american idiot, and well practically every song except maybe boulevard of broken dreams witch was just boring angst.
    phhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttt!!!!!!!! every song on 21st century break down sounds exactly the same. Even if you look back to albums like nimrod and dookie (albums that at the time I loved) they sounded very simalar too. There one really good album? American Idiot. Even it wasn't mind blowing but it is one of the better punk albums. In all they are a solid punk band that gets just a little to much cred. Especially since I think this new album is the worst ever.
    Jumped the shark with 21st Century Breakdown.
    Some of their songs are catchy, many sound the same, Nimrod dookie, whats the difference? I enjoy American Idiot because they attempted and partially succeeded at describing culture, but we should really just leave that to Bruce. Their followers want to think that they are brilliant and something more than a three chord pop band, but they really aren't. They need to wrap it up, release a greatest hits and do a farewell tour. It was fun while it lasted.
    They have maybe an album's worth of good songs in their entire catalog, all of which were written before American Idiot. They went from a decent pop-punk band to maybe the most over-rated shit of the last decade.
    one of the most underrated bands in history
    American Idiot killed it. They were on their way to stardom anyway, but that one was just a whiny pop album. I'm fine with pop, but don't pretend to be a punk band when you're obviously not.
    hate them.
    Pretty descent in their formative and earlier years but it's time they called it a day - there are more relevant artists that people could spend their money on.
    Kill this band. I'm serious, murder them all. (not in a legally bound way, I'm being melodramatic of course)
    I will now edit a quote from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby to fit the subject of my thoughts on Green Day's "American Idiot" album. Jean Girard: Ricky Bobby! I heard the American Idiot album by Green Day. IT WAS SHIT.
    Green Day is super overrated. They try to be larger than life and I'm not buying it. They are trying to pretend they are something they are not and I'm not buying it. They should take off the makeup, retire and stop walking around looking like high school posers when they're in your 40s. It's pathetic. Let high school kids do that.
    Green Day succeeds at what they aim. As fathers, and aging musicians, their music reflects their basic concerns for their kids, and their maturing musical tastes. Dookie is a ridiculously over-rated album, yet Nimrod and Warning are solid works that failed to sell. I can't think of another band that writes lyrics with such eloquence and playfulness. Sure they don't have the specific and thesaurus-challenging writing of Bad Religion,but their music is so much easier to relate to on a real-life daily basis. All members are accomplished musicians and can clearly play their instruments well. And you can't deny their punk roots, but they never claim to be the most hardcore band on the scene.
    Green Day ROCKS!
    They started out as just another dumb pop-punk band (nothing wrong with that), but they have morphed into a dumb pretentious pop-punk band, which is unforgivable.
    I think every teenager growing up in the Greenday era knew all the words to at least 2 of their songs. Greenday is a great band, and wrote very appealing songs (with the exception of American Idiot). Greenday has had a ton of huge hits, and that can't be over looked. The topic is Greenday not the American Idiot record. American Idiot was a different Greenday but all of their other albums were very well written. About Right for me.
    Formerly the voice of an alienated generation, now just another overexposed supergroup
    total hacks. just a "punk" band (notice the quotes, they are there for a reason) that got lucky. end of case.
    Incredibly overrated. American Idiot won a grammy over Good News for People who Love Bad News. They were a staple of the 80s; songs about adolescence and lazy days, and then they "evolved" into the punk voice of the generation both politically and musically charged! What a load of B.S. Also, if I have to hear "Good Riddance" again, I might die.
    Their music lacks any sort of complexity. Radiohead they ain't
    American Idiot is one of the most criminally overrated albums I've heard.
    their old stuff is so much better than the crap they make today
    Yeah, Green Day's definitely overrated. Still, Billie Armstrong used to be great, as the singer for Pinhead Gunpowder. I hate what he's become, but Pinhead Gunpowder was some great East Bay punk.
    Lets start a band and wear lots of makeup and try to burn down all that is eveil in the world (Bush, War) Guys it's been done to death, go back to your millions and relax.
    Green Day: most overrated poseur band on the planet, made worse by the fact that they had the audacity to pass themselves and their Radio Disney style pop music off as punk. Yeah, right, loool.
    I remember hearing this band for the first time and thinking ... they can't stick around for long. Little did I know it would usher in a whole wave/genre of power-pop-punk. Blech.
    I'm 36 and think they're awesome. I friends my age that feel the same.
    Maybe I'm simple-minded, but as far as Green Day's music goes, I'm of the opinion that "who cares? It's fun." I can't imagine that anyone of voting age actually takes their political stance- which is vague at best- terribly seriously. And anyone who would (namely, their teenage fans) aren't old enough to vote anyway. So, who cares what they say or do as it is? No-one is looking to them for incisive political commentary. That being said--they are rather overrated.
    They're old stuff is good and they're sound was pretty origional at the time, but now their music is just like everyone else's and all their songs sound the same. They should have quit while they were ahead. And their so called "Political statements" are getting really old! What they need is a new sound and new ideas,(basically a total change) but they've already sold out so I don't think even that would do too much. They really overrated
    I think they are cool because they are old but they dress like they are sixteen. It just goes to show how rebellious they are. What makes them more radical is the fact that they make poilitical statements with music. We should let them run our country. That would be swell.
    I couldn't agree more. I rated Green Day as overrated. I'm not a huge punk rock fan, but what I do know about the punk rock ethos, these guys seem to go against everything that punk stands for. They're total sellouts who pander to the masses via MTV. No thanks. Totally overrated.
    Having flown under the radar for a few years after some real success, Green Day must have thought it was about time to make a comeback. Their white-album-wannabe epic-piece-of-shit record "American Idiot," is nothing more than cheap noise united under a semi-clever album title. It is full of un-backed claims, unsound opinions, and a spirit for revolution lacking the temperament for rational and understanding. They are washed up and "American Idiot" is just a manifestation of their collective mid-life crises; their regret over having for so long made music that was absolutely trite, meaningless, and sophomoric.

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