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    Cliche hipster-pandering pretentious drivel. They're the musical equivalent of a decked-out tofu burger. All those bells and whistles, but it still lacks meat.
    Occasional good tunes, but can't stand to watch them - every move is over-exaggerated to the point of self-parody. Especially guilty are the stupid keyboard player, and the female vocalist who has obviously not been told that she's mindnumbingly average. I suggest making them play in front of reflectors (see what I did there?) so they can see how silly they look.
    Overrated. They are talented but too much hipster.
    A friend of mine loves Arcade Fire and one evening, played all four of their albums in one sitting. What I got out of it was this: it sounded EXACTLY THE SAME, no matter if it was their first or last track. Now consistency, ok, there's nothing particularly wrong with that but the one thing that annoyed the p**s out me was this: the lead singer has about the same range as a broken slide whistle and I have a great suspicion he might be tone-deaf. The background playing was quite exemplary but the pretentious addition of the female co-voalist singing in French for no real reason, put me off as elitist and gimmicky. I kept on wondering how hard it would be to isolate and then replace the vocal tracks with someone who had some semblance of range and didn't sound like they were about to sink into a Valium-fueled hipster coma.
    tunnels,wake up, power out,rebellion (lies),keep the car runnin,we used to wait,no cars go,ready to start......yes they are underrated!!
    Arcade Fire is one of my favorite bands, I lived in an area where i didnt have internet and my brother brought it back one day I like a few songs, loved the demo version of no cars go. But I forgot about it didnt really stick to me. years went by Neon Bible came out, didnt like it there were some songs that where ok. A little more time i had experience some pretty deep introspection trying to figure out my life. I heard my first Suburbs song whilst on vacation in montana and was totally dead set on not wanting to even try to listen to it. I did anyways, kind of floated by it. My sis wanted to see them live and so half reluctantly half needing some away time came out to see them in kansas. WOW i was never so energized in my life. it sounded amazing. just feeling it like it should be heard. After that show I had to go back and listen because after that experience I knew what they where trying to do. So opening my self back up to the albums and listening to what they had to say was an amazing retrospect to the last few years of my life. And now in my older wiser state I could understand what they were saying. And I feel so lucky that what they had to offer fit my outlook fairly well. I cant really do a whole lot of justice because im very tired at the moment. But even now they are fading like a memory, and Im going to experience new things and maybe I will divert from the bands path, like so many other bands that i loved. Music needs time to fully appreciate. and you need to spend time with it to understand it. it is a relationship. Im more focused on my self now adays and building my life. I think when people get jealous of the new kids on the block they are the snotty sophisticates, why are you so angry? I dont see any relation to other bands out there. Arcade Fire reminds me of old foreign films. they definitely have a french feel with there instrumental arrangements. Modern man and rococo are two songs that can be easily related to eachother. songs from there ep are the landmark to what they stand for. Adolescence, coming of age, growing pains, family, faith, love, pain, what ever folk is made of, just plane raw real story telling. it doesnt really have to be true. they are concept albums and that stay in character. and they are also whole people they arent soaking up their fame. listening to a bunch of their band member's interviews and realizing how talented most of them are is very inspiring. honestly its not the most complex music and they have a very simple formula but its affective and it works, if i want something different ill go find it elsewhere. I just don't understand why people get angry about music. Art is a tool for understanding, fun. it is also used to sell things, and self-destruction, catharsis. blah blah there are more things to life then music. I think people worship music sometimes because it has helped them and I think they get protective about things that have made them feel good and feel that others should enjoy the same things they do, because when some new band comes along wearing similar clothes, they start yelling HEY YOU SHOULDNT LIKE THEM BECAUSE THEY DID IT FIRST. its almost like saying that scientists should not use Einstein's formulas because they would be copying. blag blaf blah is it pointless to be writting this. or does some understanding need to be passed around.
    I personally enjoy the Arcade Fire, but I can see why people think they are overrated. The Suburbs really speaks to me personally, and possibly to many middle-class young adults like myself who think that our upbringing was missing something even while we lived very comfortably. I also listen to a lot of indie music, so it's a very enjoyable album for me (I actually like Funeral a little less, and I only like a few Neon Bible songs). However, their music is certainly not the most skilled nor catchy thing in the world, and they're obviously caught up in the fashion of current "indie," "hipster," "Pitchfork endorsed" music. People are obviously going to be annoyed with the "hipster" image. The fact that they won a Grammy can only boost their status artificially and/or fan the flames of overrated-outcries. I don't think the Arcade Fire is a band meant to be "popular." Their music is special to a relatively small portion of the population. So yeah, in a sense, their overrated.
    For the longest time I hated Arcade Fire pretty passionately even after giving them a few very fair chances. I saw them at last year's Bonnaroo and was bored to tears. Then, at the beginning of this summer, I heard "The Suburbs" on the radio and realized I liked the song and decided to learn the song on piano. Through that I eventually grew to like them quite a bit. Strangely, The Suburbs is the only album by them that I don't like. I totally understand if you love them or hate them.
    I haven't really heard any of their other albums, but "The Suburbs" has some brilliant songs on it. The lyricism on that album is incredible, and if they hadn't won a Grammy for it, I'd say under-rated.
    Contrived, douchey hipster rock that banks on having a big band to hide the overall mediocrity.
    I really can't remember how their songs go, they're just a normal ol' indie band. Not bad, just not memorable at all. I think they're only as big as they are because they've been touched by the alternative rock god himself early in their career.
    tried to like them. Nope.
    love sprawl 2.
    I think this band is a completely unique one. They completely raised the bar for indie rock and expanded it to new quarters. Since Funeral (one of the greatest albums of the 2000 decade), they are already a success and still stayed with their consistency of generating fine music.
    I've listened to Funeral and Neon Bible several times trying to understand the hype. They have a good sound to them, but I've finally figured out what's missing: interesting and memorable melodies. They're neither bad nor great, but they are most certainly overrated.
    Funeral is fantastic. Neon Bible is really not as good as people say, and the few songs I've heard from the Suburbs are just ridiculously pretentious. Talk about a band that's selling out.
    Arcade Fire is a very good band but certainly not the end-all/ be-all that the music public at large seems to insist they are. Every band is influenced by someone, which is cool, but when the influences are worn this heavily on their sleeves, it's hard not to just listen to the originals at the end of the day. Funeral is an excellent album, yet it rips off everyone from David Byrne, David Bowie and Brian Eno, and also fails to be as good as any of those artists. Heck, there's even some smacks of Rush in there. Neon Bible was Springsteen and the latest single sound like Neil Young. They sound too much like everyone else to be given the praise that they get. Granted, their live show is excellent, but really, when you're feeding off an audience that's worshiping your every move, how can you justify a performance that is anything less.
    Overrated! If they just focused on their compositions than the arrangements they'd be better. 'Power Out' and 'My Body is a Cage' are great songs though.
    ...ho god, where to begin? Let me start off by saying that I've never understood either the credibility or the fame and hype surrounding this band. They're good, ok? Not great. I wish and wish that critics and pitchfork hadn't made Funeral the instant messiah of the internet/indi world. 'Body is a Cage' is their great song, the rest get by on sequencing and having more than four members fill in their sound for them. They don't know how to write a good song with a good melody that I can either jam out to or remember. I on the other hand 'like,' not 'love,' their singer Winn Butler. He's not a great singer, but a good one with impact-ful emotion. The rest of the band could go to the trash for all I care, especially the dunce who bangs the drum (more cowbell please!). Where's the songcraft? Where are the good lyrics? It seems to have been the Canadian thing to do this decade to build and settle tempos, because Godspeed You! Black Emperor did it first and better. And that's all the Arcade Fire do to sound important, is change their tempo. No great guitar line or anything distinctive, just a big mess. I recently learned Funeral had been named the second best album of the decade by Pitchfork and their hipster followers. I disagree with such an assumption. They're pedestrian at best. Funeral was a basic indi-album with pop sensibilites, it got built up by hype machines and lofty critics who were desperate to be important again. People like to say Arcade Fire didn't get thrown a bone by these people, I however think they practically got nominated to be the new messiah, the new U2, the new Bruce Springsteen, the new New Order, the new Godspeed, and the new Bob Dylan, all wrapped into one. People, I understand you're jealous of other generations. I myself am a young man who is probably just as confused as you are about life and politics, and America's role in the world right now. But please, don't throw me a washed-out old rag and call it gold, don't tell me something has great, in fact TREMENDOUS quality when it DOESN'T!!!! I WANT to love this album as much as everyone else seems to, but I can't. I have that thing in my brain called reality, and it tells me Arcade Fire are a derivative band, that they're using stage tricks like overemotionality and 8-9 people playing at once--what I like to call the 'effortless jamboree' sound--to get where and what they want----to sound impressive but do little work to get there. Everyone has overrated this band, and especially their debut album, Funeral. Could they release something even better in the coming year? Yes. Do they have SOME talent? Yes. I thought 'Neon Bible' really had some good--not great--qualities going for it. So I am sorry, 'my generation', that I cannot agree with you that Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' is important and life changing, not when I've heard loads of Dylan, Springsteen, New Order, Joy Division, David Bowie, all these great bands you want to equalize with your hipster movement. Funeral is the second best album of the DECADE!!!??? NO!
    I come from a region of the united states where all the kids my age listen to hard core and power pop. So when I was shown the Arcade Fire by my boss it was a huge relief to here something that was simple and full of life, not whining 20 year olds. I was also unaware that so many people felt Win Butler's voice was bad. I think it couldn't be more perfect with the music it goes hand in hand with. But what do I know? I feel they are underrated purely because the region I live in doesn't appreciate indie music.
    In a world of false idols and great singers, bands like The Arcade Fire are at the sidelines because what are they? A straight out good band with a few fantastic and strikingly beautiful songs. But are all the songs like this? No. No bands are. We can't expect them to have each song be a facemelter. Both of their albums have good and mediocre tracks but you have to give the band a big gigantic KUDOS for being able to stay afloat in this time of mainstream pop bubblegum bands who deserve 1/10 of what they have. Arcade Fire deserves much more than what they have.
    Any kiddies who make an album called Neon Bible deserve a kick in the ass. Superoverrated wannabe garbage.
    They're not overrated, they're just overplayed.
    Damn good band. Would've voted underrated but c'mon, who doesn't like Arcade Fire after all?
    Nowhere near as good as they are made out to be. While they are above average for indie, they are not the musical equivalent of raptor Jesus
    I wouldn't say that the Arcade Fire is underrated--they definitely get their dues in the mainstream press. I also wouldn't say they're overrated--every piece of good press is well-earned. Much respect to a band that can write AND produce their own music. Plus--Neon Bible is a great allegorical commentary on contemporary (read: post-9/11) America. Sorry for the rant.
    A wall of cacophonous sound is not epic or sweeping, and nor is it original or clever.
    Evoked some interest with their first album; had three or four strong songs; haven't heard the next one because I'm not interested; another band hyped by the music press to sell more magazines and indicative of the dire lack of talent in todays music culture; HIGHLY overrated and cliched but are not totally hopeless
    Individual musicians are probably talented. But the overall sound they produced is quite boring. Very 80s too. Singer is horrible.
    Unbelievable band, the music is simply on point in all aspects. Neon Bible is unreal.
    I think they're really good on tape, but their live show is WAY overrated.
    Albeit they get more credit than a lot of their more talented indie counterparts, the Arcade Fire is still a good band. And they in some light must hav earned that rank, because it's not like pop culture threw them a bone. So them being where they are is how the dice fell. So in conclusion: by pop cult standards, underrated, and by indie standards probably overrated. Who cares? It's good music. I'm not about to deny their a talented bunch.
    I was at the "greatest musical event ever" as according to many hipsters and bloggers last night, and LCD blew them the f' out of dodge.
    Arcade Fire is my drug. And if anyone wants to think I'm stupid for it, then I'm a fucking retard. Whatever. I love them regardless.
    What do you get when you take decades old rhythms, melodies that stick to chord progressions like glue and finally add a pinch of monotony and a sense of melodrama for the ages? The Arcade Fire.
    The Arcade Fire may play passionately and with emotion, but they don't play with a great amount of musicality and talent. I'm not sure that the singer realizes how bad he really is. Everyone tells me how AMAZING this band is, but, the Arcade Fire are nowhere near amazing.
    Wow, the there's an overrated band.
    A band surrounded by the likes of Dan Bejar, Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer and Dan Boekner, etc. And these guys get all the fame. It's as if I am in a different reality. Is Arcade Fire a bad band? not at all. But they are by no means amazing. There imagery is fine, but there is simply no sign of lyrical brillance. I am fine with simplicity but for some reason they have been elected Indie Gods. I make the comparisons to the other Canadian indie bands only to make a point of why Arcade Fire gets too much praise. You got Carey Mercer creating the most creative atmospheric songs you will ever hear; Spencer Krug lyrically blowing everyone out of the water (perhaps with the exception of Brock of Modest Mouse); and then you have Arcade Fire playing Tunnels again because it is the only song they can pull off with any sort of artistic beauty. One album is out and the 10 tracks hardly diverge from each other. And from what we get from Neon Bible it doesn't look like they are even trying to branch out. That's ok if you want to be a good band; but not if you are being praised as a great band. Listen to Krug's Cathedral Bells and then listen to Butler's Intervention. That should be enough for you to see while Butler is talented; he isn't the messiah of music. I know this comes off reading as an attack against Arcade Fire, but it isn't truly meant to be. I think they are a really good band. But the question is if they are overrated. And to that they most certainly are. When you have a reputation as good as The better be as good as The Shins. Tunnels is no New Slang...and neither is Intervention.

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