Avril Lavigne

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    She's done nothing better than her ProActive commercial. A zit on the face of music.
    Her past songs were pretty good/alright. Now I don't even know what the hell she trying to pull singing those new songs.
    She's not bad, but not awesome either.
    complicated was a good song, and she is very pretty, but over rated
    Simple 3 chord pop rock. Nothing innovative there. Over rated.
    The very fact that she is even featured here, points to the fact that she is overated.
    No one likes Avril Lavigne,so she isn't overrated.
    I would never listen to Avril, but I'm pretty sure she is intended for 9-year old girls to listen to. Those 9 year olds may feel she deserves her success, but most real music listeners know better.
    fake punk, fake goth, fake rocker, fake skater, fake attitude, is there something about her that isn't fake?
    I'm shocked Avril is even ON this site.
    She's a pop princess, what more is there to say?
    First problem is she markets herself to be something she isn't. Second problem is she is a one hit wonder. Notice how she rose from nothing with "Sk8ter Boi" and "Complicated" then dissapeared for a long time, only achieving moderae success with "Happy Ending", etc, and then rising out of the dust with "Girlfriend", the most unoriginal egotistical mess I've seen put to record. She isn't consistent, and her songs aside from her hits fall flat on their face. Getting lucky doesn't mean having talent. I have some respect for her first album however, as the less popular songs on that CD were rather poignant soft-rock pieces fitting in the style of those such as Michelle Branch and Vanessa Carlton. But everything afterwards, no.
    I think her music is fine o listen to if you like pop. It just annoys me that she use to consider herself punk. Just except that she is pop just like britney spears and ashlee simpson and everything is fine.
    She deserve all she has!
    She's just the biggest wanna be punk-rocker the music industry has ever produced!
    Words cannot describe how much I loathe this girl. She is pretty much the antithesis of punk rock. My friend described her as "faith hill, without the steel guitar". It's true - her music is fine, but it's nothing groundbreaking. I wish she'd go away already.
    She's a pop snob punk-rock wannabe. Her music doesn't mean anything. It's vacuous. As the Sex Pistols said "Pretty Vacant."
    Worthless piece of shit.

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