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    "Bridging the Gap" is a terrific rap album that isn't well known, and it's hard to tell people you like it because the BEP lost all their street cred. But that was rap, back in the early 2000s-- listen to Weekends or Cali To NY and tell me that's not on par with A Tribe Called Quest. Yes, they're total sellouts, but at least they had talent once upon a time.
    Pretentious as frick. Gimmicks masquerading as talent. Has no one told the other two Peas that they're just sad and that no one cares? Anyone who does a song like "My Humps" should be humped. By a tractor. Off a cliff. Take a bath, Fergie.
    1990s Black Eyed Peas were underrated. Today's, on the other hand, holy fucking shit.
    They Have amazing talent, despite what people say. Fergie is the most talented, disagree all you want but she has a high as a range as Christina Aguilara ! is a genius either way, taboo adds funk, is a great rapper, all together=Best Hip Hop Group of all time. Don't Lie is my favorite Black Eyed Peas Track...WAYYYY underrated. Everyone hates them because of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, every singer has bad performances, and this is just one, don't just judge musicians off of one performance, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5...They had hundreds of concerts I'm pretty sure at least one won't be as decent as the rest!
    Black Eyed Peas are terrible.
    one of the better bands to do what they do, but that's not saying a hell of a lot, they suck
    I'm sorry but the Black Eyed Peas are complete shit. They deserve nothing.
    Vastly over rated.
    Vastly over rated.
    They used to be allright, now they are just plain awful. The new songs are repetitive, unoriginal and autotuned.
    Pre-autotuning and pre-Fergie's plastic surgery, they weren't all that bad. Now...yeah, they're highly overrated.
    They suck.
    This group is AWLFUL.
    When said his vocaloid application on his computer is the next best thing, he really screwed up the life of electronic lovers, and hip hop lovers. Now pop is stealing dance music because they want to achieve the awards that BEP won, all because it's overrated!
    Everyone knows what they are, a dance pop group and they are not pretentious.They are perfect to play at club. Lyrically they are eh but, they do exactly what they intend to do very well, mainstream dance music. Therefore in my opinion "about right" also is a great producer.
    I'm not can back up my claim I'm just gonna tell you they make my ears hurt and it's a crime that they are probably earning more than me.
    They have a couple okay songs. They don't get that good of critical reviews so I say ABOUT RIGHT. They should have never gotten the super bowl halftime show.
    It's Overrated by teenagers usually. Before they sold-out and introduced Fergie into their band they used to make good music.
    I have to say, I think they are very overrated and their music is just.....silly. I mean, I never get any real substance out of any of their lyrics, their music is way too poppy, and I think that they're image is much better than their music. But, this is just my opinion.
    Fuck this band, not even worth the time.
    At times they are overrated. I get tired of the glorified hiphopper turned producer thing with Mr. I like their positive vibe though and I think they really do have some good stuff.
    They aren't rated very highly anyway. Some people don't really know what overrated is.
    These guys SUCK!
    Asinine is the perfect adjective here. Good call. Utter garbage
    The Black Eyed Peas are very orinigal. I hope to see more of them.
    Yep, Fergie's implants have taken them a long way...
    There is no lyrical quality shown in anything they have put out. It's actual quite horrid. Not only that they changed their lyrics so they can do well on the radio...hate...hate...hate....
    Chunk, thanks for a thought addition to the debate
    They have no talent and only want money.
    It's unfortunate that they're so played out. I mean, when you see Garfield dancing to a Black Eyed Peas song, it sort of sours their entire image.
    I saw them live before Fergie joined and they had the talent but they were missing a piece. She added that missing part and now the band is clicking. They can't help the fact that they have into a pop radio tour de force.

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