Gibson Les Paul

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    The "original" humbucking guitar? Yes. Looks great? Yes, classic with lots of variety. Sounds great? Yes, depending on the year, quality control when built, set-up, amplifier, effects and most importantly the PLAYER. Overrated? Yes. Why? The headstock is extremely fragile and very expensive to fix $400+. The base of the neck by the body joint is also fragile and prone to breaking. These guitars are wonderful if you are very careful. If this guitar falls face first on the carpet from a guitar stand- break! Its not worth the price overall. The body is also very heavy, it is not cheap to upgrade pickups, modifications lessen their value. There are a lot of great and a lot of terrible humbucking guitars out there made in USA, Mexico, Korea and even China. Jimmy Page and Slash made the Les Paul a another few generations Gibson Les Pauls will be "has-beens" and only the elderly will be eager to purchase them at high prices for their collections. The LP is definitely not a "player's guitar" to modify, abuse, beat-up and still keep rockin'. A Fender Telecaster Deluxe w/ Dual Humbuckers and a SOLID MAPLE NECK and rosewood fingerboard is the ULTIMATE BEAST/TANK with the right humbuckers, amplifier, effects and most importantly the PLAYER! Gibson or even Fender is JUST a name. There are always good ones and bad ones...but at least a non-Les Paul design will hold-up better in the longrun and last a lifetime.
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