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    Bonham is top 3 drummer material. Page is top 3 guitarist material. Plant is top 3 rock singer material.
    The fact that they're often on top 10 lists instead of on top 5 lists is underrated.
    They're the best hard rock band. For every overrated Stairway, there's four incredible songs that never get radio airplay (10 Years Gone, Gallows Pole, Battle of Evermore, The Rover)
    Underrated because no one does what they do better. Overrated because what they do is steal other people's songs and convince the world they're original.
    Good-ish music, ruined by the unbelievable hype that it gets...I can listen to the music and nod my head and say "This is alright," but its not the kind of music that I get attached to.
    Love them. They have a very unique style that no other band can copy. They may have influeced lots of bands but their identity remains untouchable. They may be overrated as musicians but the songs are awesome.
    Led Zeppelin has some great material, but they're very overhyped about by the fans.
    There's only one thing I find them as overrated and that is there song 'Stairway to Heaven' what is it well-known for? In my opinion it's because it's long.
    Led Zeppelin is joked about by the new generation but the facts remain the same . zeppelin is the best there ever was, is, or will be.
    one of the best bands from the classic rock era, not sure why some people are comparing them to the beatles in these comments, how can u compare these bands? they didn't even play the same style of music, both great bands in their areas, but to compare them? like comparing apples to oranges
    A breakdown of the members: Robert Plant was quite a vocalist. He didn't always pull it off live, but he made is somewhat strange style work in a big way he's one of those singers that not just anyone can pull off. Jimmy Paige was a truly amazing guitarist. I don't think that's in question. The beat ever? Maybe not. But he was classically trained and the songs he did write were quite sophisticated and often broke new ground, influencing countless guitarists. John Paul Jones was the only under rated member of the band. His keyboard work and responsible yet daring bass playing is a huge component of the band as a whole. John Bonham was a truly great drummer. Yes, he could solo in manner that is nearly impossible to duplicate. He had a fire inside of him to be sure. But more importantly he was a human metronome. His beats were rock solid. When he laid down a groove it was as it was supposed to be, ideal. I don't think I've ever heard anyone do his beats justice. His touch was just legendary. The band wasn't over rated or under rated. They are spot one in the canon of rock music.
    sabbath was better.
    In my opinion, Zeppelin are the most overrated band MUSICALLY. But, when it comes down to importance, impact, influence and greatness overall, they're not overrated. But yeah, their music is not even close to being as amazing as people say. Comparing them to The Beatles is idiotic beyond conception, which is why people who do that usually get laughed at and mocked.
    "Stairway to Heaven" is not even in my top-10 Zeppelin songs. I have 10 years old when Bonham died. Wish I could have seen them in concert. Best album (top to bottom); Physical Graffiti.Plant once said that John Bonham was the most important man in the band. Could not continue with out him. I always thought he was giving lip service. Until I heard the live album "How The West Was Won". He was in another stratosphere.
    Led Zeppelin were a truly amazing band. Not enough people recognize their amazing musical talent, but they constant radioplay of tons of their songs kinda makes up for it. Don't get me wrong, this band is FAR from overrated. Go Stairway to Heaven is my favorite song.
    About right in the studio, but extremely overrated live.
    A great band, but overrated as hell. They started out good, but became worse and worse.
    i'm split on this. i think they are underrated and overrated at the same time. yeah im sick of stairway and i no that half of their songs come from other blues artists, lesser known bands that they didn't give credit to, but i think they are underrated if you listen to their bootlegs or watch their concert vids. their energy on stage, and overall musical chemistry is AMAZING. just type "how many more times rah" on youtube. it will blow your mind. i have yet to find a band that is as charismatic as zeppelin. i think zeppelin is the definition of a great band, musicians who are good on their own, but when you put them together they create something that is OUT OF THIS WORLD. i know there will never be another band like them again. and that makes me sad :(
    A fantastic band, but they lost their form and did lost their range in later years.
    The world Led Zeppelin created may not be one you enjoy, but no band has ever storytold with such dynamic range from soft and delicately beautiful to hard and thrashingly driving. They are like a four piece modern version of Mozart.
    Oh and people, try not to stick with what the media says about music, because it bashes anything out of it's own range or anything really different. Usually anything that's not pleasing to the everyday modern family. Once again, thanks.
    Look, everybody has their own opinion. I could ask my friend whether he prefers to draw on construction paper, or notebook. Dependent on the situation, he will choose what he PREFERS, and it would be wrong of me to criticize him on that. This situation is very similar to that, in the sense that everybody has their own taste. There for with that being proven with proper and sound logic, (unbias) we can conclude that there is no such thing as "Wrong music" or "overrated music." If I were to ask one of you if you like a heavy, blues approach to rock and roll, with touches of psychedelic and metalic tastes, you would probably prefer the music of Led Zeppelin. They broke the rules and stretched their concerts for sometimes over two hours. Some people like that, some don't. They grew, creating music such as the material on their third album. (Friends, Tangerine, ect.) But in the end, just be yourself and stick to what touches you the most on the inside, and you'll find your favorite music. Thanks.
    Led Zeppelin is not overrated, they are far more talented instrumentally than the beatles, and they did play sloppy live but when they were at thier best, they were better than anyone. The Beatles started out as a boy band, and did not expand their diversity until Revolver. Led Zeppelin was hated by the media while the fans made them famous. The beatles got a massive media boost to bring on their popularity. Bonham: bonham had way more capabilities than a "sledgehammer" drumming style. He could play bongos and his style included quick fills in good times, bad times, as well as quick cymbal work in Whole Lotta Love. If you Cory Bogus want to drop such a bland generalization the The Beatles were little more than a group of harmony singers that occasionally dabbled with actually playing instruments. Led Zeppelin overrated and the Beatles not on this site, ridiculous.
    this is absolutely sickening. they were an amazing band and much better then the beatles, they could be sloppy but when they were at their best they were amazing live. So many people generalize what their music sounds like without exploring their whole catalogue. The Beatles were far more overrated because the media helped them become famous and in the beginning they became popular because girls were obsessed with them.
    Led Zeppelin is the worst music of any kind I have ever heard! I can't stand to hear even a half a second of them, I have to get up and turn them off immediately even if I'm very tired! I'm not either, many people on message boards have said they don't like them and are really overrated even some people on heavy metal boards. Many people say that they stole riffs from old blues songs and that they are horrible noisy sounding and that they can't stand Robert Plant's voice and often screaming and screaching! Many also have said that Robert Plant's lyrics are simple and like a teenage boy wrote them.
    If you think that Led Zeppelin is overrated then chances are you probably listen to the Top 40 every week and your favourite "artists" are Lady Gaga and Flo Rida. If not, then you are a dickhead.
    They are a very good band with an insane guitarist. They are not the best of all time though. They practically have their own clothing line and they aren't even that good. To me Robert Plants voice is very overrated also.
    Overrated as hell!!!!
    It annoys me when one adresses Led Zep as the greatest rock band ever. They were good, but their albums were crap. There were only about 3 good songs on each of their albums.
    Jimmy Page, best rock guitarist of all time.
    IMO little more than a bog standard blues rock band wot occasionally dabbled in folk. Bonham had one approach to drumming - the sledgehammer. Page's electric playing live was sloppy, Plant's voice was like a Banshee in torment, many songs are highly repetitive and the pyrics are often facile.
    Led Zeppelin is totally overrated. Here's the deal, I like them, I think they're really great, and absolutely influential. But I think their music lacks substance and depth.

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