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    Radiohead is a great band among dozens of other great bands.
    Half of the people saying RH is overrated be like "Yes, I listened to Creep, pretty boring imo". Shut up and listen to Kid A or In Rainbows. Highest forms of musical masterpiece, from being innovative to being absolutely beautiful.
    If you assume Creep is their best song, you have good reason to think they're overrated. But Creep for them is like Loser for Beck, or SOTW for Deep Purple. It barely scratches the surface, and it honestly isn't even their sound. And speaking of their sound, it's all over indie rock and indie prog, and it's what gave birth to Muse. Their best album, OK Computer is that rare accomplishment that took immense effort to make, but is effortless to listen to. It stacks up to all the legendary albums; more concise than Dark Side of the Moon, more accessible than Velvet Underground & Nico, more intelligent than Sgt Pepper or Revolver.
    As someone who used to call Radiohead overrated and garbage, actually listen to them...It's an acquired taste for sure but it is very, very, very good music. Gotta listen to the albums start to finish--Start with the Bends with an open mind
    Pretentious mostly. They glue together snippets of what went before in the 60s-80s and pretend it's ground breaking originality. Frankly, rock/pop music began to wane in the 80s when it began to run out of ideas. Since then the music has been largely derivative.
    They have good songs, most of them stolen from other artists but most of their songs is blaa. They were beggining to get really good at the end, specially with Abbey Road. That album is a masterpiece. I would say they began as a crappy band and got better and better. When tehy were starting to shine the band fell apart.
    People flip out over ok music
    OK Computer could have been released yesterday. That's why it's frequently named one of the greatest albums of all time.
    you know some of the first work of radiohead had some amazing genius momenrts, but now i really cant listen to the new work from them, to much boring without any felling, it is a shame how a band looses the touch with the artistic side of the brain, yes totally overrated, check our music on YT by te name of bbuteo, i think we do have felling
    Critics love Radiohead. Any musician I know that is well versed in music and open-minded love Radiohead. People who don't get them are either listening to them wrong, or just don't have the musical knowledge to understand their brilliance. Try to take away all of the things you've ever thought about what music should be and just listen to it for what it is. Once you truly connect, like all of the die-hards who crave this music because it is so unlike anything else, you will be shocked to find yourself feeling emotions you didn't know you could have or even try to relate to. It's incredible and they have found ways of conveying emotion that few other artists have ever accomplished. It's like a thin-line between traditional sounds, electronic sounds, and modern composition. It's like fine art painting. Someone could paint the most creative and expressive piece of all time, but if the general public don't have the knowledge to understand it, it could just blow over their heads and seem like nonsense. Same concept. Radiohead doesn't cater to the "musical" needs of our fast-food society. You have to really intently listen to their music to truly grasp it's greatness. It's like a fine dining restaurant that sells food like no one else and constantly innovates to create more refined and technically great food. People who will be open-minded and just eat it will probably enjoy it. People who go in their expecting all kinds of different things will ultimately miss out on the greatness because they can't ignore what they think it should be. Simple as that. Radiohead is the most talented, creative, and innovative band out right now.
    I have listened to all of Radiohead's albums beginning to end more than once. Only Kid A drew me in at all as an album. Yes there are the odd songs which are very good, but most are just Yorke wailing bullshit over stolid uninteresting wash. Good background music perhaps, but if you really listen you'll notice that there's no substance to most of Radiohead's stuff. Grossly overrated. Kid A is good but not that good. I find it impossible to listen to all of In Rainbows (their next best album) in one go without getting bored. You just can't concentrate on this crap.
    I like Radiohead a lot, but they're probably rather overrated.
    I soiled myself laughing so hard when someone posted Yorke has a voice that can't be emulated....of course it can...if I castrate a cat...his weak whiny voice makes you want to ram pencils into your ears...his lyrics? read the lyrics to karma police....if they weren't written by someone already deep into an overdose I don't know what else they could be. The music? eh...not bad...not great, not bad...but you can't listen to it because of the suck lyrics and awful vocals.
    The thing you have to understand is, until you understand what it's like to "get" the music, you can't say you have or haven't "got" the music. I'll give you an example. Pyramid Song is, to many, ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, and to many others, really strange and otherwise pretty ordinary. But the timing is what throws people. When you've listened to it at least seven times, you kinda understand the rhythm like you didn't the previous six times you tried. From there, it's very easy to see why people love this song. Because it is beautiful, and the lyrics and brought out and made so much more in the song. It's the kind of song you could listen to twelve hundred times without ever getting bored of it. So don't judge if you don't like Radiohead. It really is a matter of listen to it more and persisting with it if you want to.
    I love Radiohead. Like, I LOVE Radiohead. But their stuff is not as good as people say it is. It just isn't.
    People knock Radiohead a lot but never listen to their albums. Seriously beautiful stuff. Under rated I would say.
    Most boring, depressing music I have ever heard.
    I am positive that most who say Radiohead is overrated or that they road the crest of popularity of Creep through out their career have not ever listen to any of their albums. One they do not get commercial radio play much at all and I do not know anyone that has good music sense and has listen to Radiohead albums that can say they are overrated. The Bends was the first that got me in the early 90s. Then Ok Computer and Kid A just get better and better with time. To me though In Rainbows is one of the greatest albums in the last 30 years. I know many might not agree with that but truly a classic album. King of Limbs was a miss but still listenable. I love all type of music, my childhood days listening to motown music the late 60s, to the great rock of the 70s, to new wave of the 80s and alt rock of the 90s to all type of Jazz. Being in radio for many years I can appreciate the style of Radiohead and the creativity and the moodiness of the music that I understand is not for the pop hits listener.
    Stiringgray, Hooks are great, but just because something doesn't have hooks doesn't mean it's weak. Radiohead takes time to get into. You have to really listen to what is going on in their music other then hooks. If you are listening to Radiohead for catchy songs, then you are listening to them wrong.
    The problem with Radiohead is that they don't have a lot of strong songs: songs that stand up by themselves, stripped down to a minimum. The lyrics are generally poor and the music relies on the interest provided by the band and the arrangements rather than any core songwriting quality and craft. Great band though and innovative - Jonny and Thom are interesting composers. But from a songwriting perspective the closest they may have come to a "strong song" is No Surprises (you can play it on acoustic guitar and the melody AND lyrics stand up admirably). The other problem is that Thom Yorke's voice has become a self-Cliché. He avoided it on Kid A and Eraser, but then went back to his comfort zone. The current output vocally and melody-wise is unimaginative and formulaic.
    Most overrated band in history.
    Yeah I'm sorry but Radiohead is not overrated at all. They are the band that pretty much defines what alternative rock should sound like and they have set the bar for modern music.
    Radiohead overrated? Mayyybbeee. They do have the rabid, somewhat overbearing fanbase, and they also have many critically acclaimed albums; all while having very moody, borderline whiny vocals and often "difficult" music. I think Radiohead did hit a streak of luck in the 90's gaining popularity via Creep, and then riding the waves of alternative rock popularity throughout the rest of the decade. However, I do think that Radiohead has plenty of talent, versatility, and uniqueness to back up their rise to popularity. Certainly, they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I don't think they're pushed on people now the way they used to be (I could be wrong here). I'm going to go with "about right," but they are borderline overrated.
    Kraft dinner is ok for what it is. The same can be said for Radiohead. Nothing more.
    Radiohead is as appreciated as they should be, and that is LITERALLY the correct answer. They spent their entire lives living and breathing music to conjure up their beautiful masterpieces. They are among The Beatles, Pink Floyd etc. Right next to beck. They are nearly limitless songwriters. You absolutely cannot vote until you've heard all of their albums after Pablo Honey.
    Insanely over rated. I have tried seeing them live twice and walked out from both shows out of boredom and anger that I paid to see them. The worst was that they headlined Bonnaroo this year and I left after the first 20 minutes because all of the songs sounded exactly the same to me. The worst part of the experience was that for the rest of the weekend I had to hear about how incredible everyone thought they were and get offended when I said I thought they were boring. One of the most over rated bands of all time.
    Radiohead is an okay band, but grossely overrated. Their music is dreary and depressing, and while I enjoy some songs, I just can't fully get into them. What annoys me most about Radiohead is their legions of diehard fans who masturbate over anything that Thom Yorke releases, and refuse to accept any form of negative criticism about Radiohead. They are an average band, but the type of music they create has been done better by other bands before them.
    if you need to listen to an album repeatedly in order to just "get it" than it is a failure. sure there are redeeming qualities with repeated listens, but if there are no striking qualities to begin with than it is most certainly overrated. ok computer, the bends, and in rainbows are decent albums but are they worthy of all their praise? absolutely not , their ideas are not all that original either, plus their fans are some of the most up tight people ever, but i guess radiohead is better than bands like pearl jam or green day, but in no way are they more innovative than groups like godspeed you! black emperor or wire
    This is a case of a band where i think everything is in its right place.. they deserve their fame as they have released in my opinion at least two perfect albums i enjoy thoroughly and have listened hundreds of times:"KID A" and "OK COMPUTER" both albums that have to be listened intensely through your lifetime in order to fully appreciate them. When i was younger (16 years old) i thought they were pretty good; now after 12 years after listening to over 2500 albums of any genre included and developed a more varied sense in the quality of music i firmly believe that they are the best modern rock band by far.From the general comments i see online about them i understand that mostly there are two kinds of groups a)There are people who are immature musically (young or radio friendly types) or lazy enough to listen to a whole cd multiple times before they understand its entire value. b) people who are mature enough musically and get them and want to bash the first group for not succeeding this. Results prove Radiohead are a huge band.The highs and lows in criticism does prove that. People i know who appreciate higher things in life, people who get art, are open minded, patient do like Radiohead. That's enough for me.Radiohead are what they are they and can't be duplicated. Their staying power is guaranteed for later generations.
    "If you don't like Radiohead you don't get it." No I "get it," it's just awful music.
    Who ever thinks that people only hate Radiohead because "They don't get it" or "They have no creative intuition" need to shut the fuck up. I used to be into Radiohead, but that was short lived because I got sick of Yorke's obnoxious voice, and the fact that a lot of Radiohead's fans hold themselves at a ridiculously high esteem.
    The people here who hate on/overrate Radiohead are the same people who hate on/overrate that one great thing that's - for better or worse - popular, just to go against the majority. Radiohead, like many other artists, are a high art that the creatively challenged will never understand. It's basic human nature, in fact; people hate things they don't quite know, or understand. You're all probably seething right, you haters. On the outside, you denigrate truly innovative music to make it look like you have a unique opinion, but on the inside, you desperately wish you could get it. As a Radiohead fan, I'm actually grateful for the haters and their consistent bile. Their feeble arguments and baseless critiques never fail to reaffirm my love for this epic band.
    User below is a bellend.
    If this band released the sound of paint drying, their blind fans would call it groundbreaking and wuld love it.
    This band is overly hated about being overrated, even though a lot of people have never heard of them or think that they are overrated. Hence, not being overrated. Kid A: one of the greatest albums ever made.
    The most overrated band in history. Pablo Honey, by far their best work, is just solid Alternative Rock, nothing more.
    Don't get me wrong, OK Computer and the Bends are GREAT albums. Hail To the Thief is actually pretty good too. But to call them the best band in the world, sorry, I disagree.
    Love them or hate them, the fact that this band has managed to maintain such a rabid fanbase by creating some of the most challenging music around is definitely worth being praised for. Some, like myself, revel in the artistry of their sounds, while others may find some of it to be a little too hookless for their liking, but either way, you've got to admire a band that pushes boundaries of acceptability and still manages to maintain a level of success. It's baffling really.
    I reckon if Radiohead were a 70's band or even 80's, they'd be hailed as Music Gods. However, music in the 21st century is often slagged off. Poor Radiohead is also caught up in this. Just about right, I think. Maybe leaning a bit on the underrated side.
    They're a good band, but come on, OK Computer isn't even the best album of the 90's nevertheless the second best album of ALL-TIME!!!!! FUCK! On the other hand, Kid A may have deserved all the praise it got. In conclusion, my generation and poor music critics like to make mountains out of mole-hills.
    Whoever said that no one can emulate them, you're correct. I don't think it would be possible for anyone to replicate the utter shit that Radiohead calls music and make any sort of living doing it. How this band became famous is completely beyond me as they are completely devoid of anything even remotely resembling talent. I about shit myself when I saw the lead singer listed as one of the greatest singers of all time. Seriously? Radiohead is nothing but a bunch of shitty noise thrown together to create one massive audio clusterfuck. Probably the most over-rated band of all time.
    There is a whole genre that already sounds like them that has been around for almost 30 years. It's called sadcore. Fuck off.
    amazing band, how are they overrated when many have not even heard of them.
    No band can emulate them. Anyone who tries will fail. Yorke has a voice which can't be emulated. Both the Greenwoods have their distinctive playing habits. Everyone in Radiohead is unique and thats what I like to hear. A solid band in my book.
    very very overrated
    Seems like a lot of people here can't actually criticize radiohead or come up with some objective reasons as to why they're overrated. All in all, it's a matter of taste but at least have some meat with your potatoes.
    As the greatest living band, it is impossible to overrate them.
    Underrated and under appreciated. Some people seem to ignore innovation and call it boring. Johnny Greenwood makes Radiohead what it is, not Thom Yorke.
    SO overrated.
    Radiohead is pure garbage. The shittiest and the most overrated band in all music history.
    Dull. Tom Yorke's vocals are monotone and devoid of any motion. The same can be said of their bland music. Horribly, horribly over-rated.
    Its so simple, Radiohead music is simply boring, always boring.
    They're not a bad band, but they're definitely over-valued by music critics and other nerds.
    Probably the #1 most overrated band of all time. Seriously.
    I just don't see what the big deal is. They've had a few decent songs over the years, but generally speaking all of their stuff has too much of that weird distortion and most of their songs sound pretty much the same.
    Innovative, nothing sounds like them. Even when they try (coldplay)

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