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    At least they produced Clay Matthews for the Packers. For that, I'll thank them, but they're still overrated.
    I have to comment on the "back to back championships" comment. I hope you're referring to the fact that they have TWO back to backs, and not three. It peeves me that USC and the press consider 2003 a championship year for them. LSU was undefeated, USC had one loss. I would understand if they both ended up as one loss teams... but they didn't, so why would it be a dual championship? I'm so tired of the press and their love affair with USC. And how on earth are they presently ranked 6 with a loss to a no name team like Oregon State? Not to mention, not one opponent in their conference is in the top 10.
    USC dismantled Ohio State. It looked like they had an NFL defense out on the field. Nothing would have been different had Beanie Wells played. OSU was out-matched. USC does have some cupcakes on their schedule, but they can only win the games on their schedule. They have a pretty strong record against highly rated teams and in bowl games. They are a top notch program who deserves the top spot as of right now.
    People who think they're overrated simply don't like them; I don't like them either, but I can recognize back-to-back college football championships (which is practically unheard of) and the fact that they are a perennial threat to anyone whom they play.
    They cheat. First Reggie Bush and now OJ Mayo?
    USC is very overated but I must give them props b/c they seems to steal Louisiana's best players each year. Josh and Abram Booty both played for LSU (QB/WR respectively) b/c they were from Shreveport. Where does little brother John David go? USC! We lost the #1 running back in the nation from New Orleans to play at USC in 08. USC is absolutely on the right track. As for their ranking of #1? I think it's quite suspicious. LSU should have played USC in 03/04 and should have played USC in the Rose last year. What can I say, maybe we'll see them in the NC this year. I absolutely believe they will make's not like they play Florida, Auburn, Tenn., Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, or South Carolina. Oh wait that's LSU. Keep playing Stanford.......etc. Good luck USC........Go Tigers!
    The most overrated football team in my life time? With all the talk of three-peat they simply won ONE national title, just like every one else every year. Their 2004 title was a fantasy, as the BCS title that year went to the LSU Tigers, then they did win one in 2005 after managing to not have to play undefeated SEC powerhouse Auburn. Then in 2006 they made it to the title game again having played no one of significance and got handles by the one dimensional Texas Longhorns.
    I don't like USC because I have to listen to my buddy (6 years at USC, 100K in debt) talk about them all the time. I'm hopping my overrated vote will cause them to suck.
    USC was bound to fall. The loss against Oregon State is just a sign of things to come. So many starters entering the draft will continue to hurt this team. They have a really tough schedule the rest of the 2006 season. They could easily lose 3 more games. This is not a great team.

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