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    Seriously?? During a football season conference games are 90% of anyones schedule. Each year SEC teams get to highlight the 2 or 3 CAKE teams while we suit up for 8 games that will be cut throat! Other conferences do not have NEAR the talent the SEC does. Look at their championship games? In the SEC the champions are ALWAYS different because ALL (or I should say MOST) of the teams are HARD TEAMS and the talent is distributed across the conference The PAC-10 and Big-10 always have 1 team that DOMINATES EVERYONE!! Is that because they are THAT much better than everyone or is there competition THAT much worse?! If we only had to get up for 1 game a year we could run the table too! They HAVE to schedule hard non-conference schools if not they wouldn't be taken seriously! SEC has to battle there schedule which again is 90% of anyones season why WOULD be schedule hard opponents? If we only have 2 teams to choose out of conference LETS play the citadel because the other 8 games will give us hell. Look at Ohio State. They have gone to the championship game TWICE with the clout that they are unstoppable because they beat everyone by 40pts! You have to ask yourself? Is that because they are THAT much better than everyone.....or is there competition THAT BAD!!When they play TESTED SEC teams they get BLOWN OUT! Sure they are not going to say they arent...BUT, they arent nearly as tested as SEC teams. In the SEC any team can win on ANY given day. When a team ALWAYS gets to the championship game you have to ask yourself if they are REALLY that good or was the road THAT MUCH EASIER!? I say again...WHY play hard NON-Conference games when ALL our games IN-Conference are HARD which again are 90% of a season schedule?? Sure we have our 2 or 3 cake teams in our conference but the other 9 teams are HARD AS HELL where ANYONE can win. Pac-10 and Big-10 have Ohio State and USC and.... ummm NO ONE!! They run the table every year and the media LOVES THEM! but RARELY looks at the BIG PICTURE as to WHY they look so good!
    I'd like to say they deserve all the dick sucking they get in football, but it's hard to say that when hardly any of the teams EVER play anyone out of the conference! And don't give me that "well their schedule is tough enough already" bullshit. That may be true, but the fact remains the SEC rarely plays big non-conference games, which are really the only way to prove you're the best conference. Three national championships make a great case for them, but top to bottom I don't think they've proved they're as good as everyone says they are
    The SEC dominates. Football for sure, but watch out now for the b-ball
    In football, they are about right. But when it crosses over to hoops, they are overrated.
    In football, they are about right. But when it crosses over to hoops, they are overrated.
    That's just not nice.
    Did anyone else see Florida lose to that team that lost to App. State at home?
    The strongest conference in college football. The best of the best. Go Dawgs!

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