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    Google tracks you. Use DuckDuckGo instead.
    So useful and amazing I still can't believe it's real. I feel like a moron for not even comprehending how it works, and how fast. In some ways, it IS the internet. Give those boys another wide-body private jet, and let them have even more of my private browsing information. There is no way back.
    Google is so useful and popular, it's difficult not to think "about right," but I'm going to be one of the few that says "overrated." Don't get me wrong, the products they release are fantastically sleek and useful; however that comes at a price: your privacy. People jump right into Google products, and search/email/map/youtube all their personal information as if nobody can see what they're typing. Not true. Google compiles all that personal data and uses it to sell to companies for advertising/marketing data AND to the government (NSA, CIA) to comb through for potential dissenters (BTW, it's the same for Yahoo and MSN). The scary thing is, many people don't even think of this as a problem anymore; but I think we should stop blindly trusting and praising Google and start supporting alternatives like A great way to combat potential corruption is to support competition. We don't typically trust or praise mega corps like Walmart or McDonald's, so why should Google be any different (especially when they have much more potential to screw people)? Overrated.
    Imagine a world without Google. I don't know a search engine (or shall I say, useful software and electronic service company) any better.
    Could we live without google ?
    Google is Great!
    One of the few big corperations that actually deserve the hype they get. They provide an amazing service. Gmail, you get over 6 GBs for free, and lots of brilliant features. Google Docs, where you can convert your MS office documents into internet based documents which can can share with friends and co-works and allow multiple users to edit them in real time, and then export them as Office documents again, or as PDF etc. Google translator, though not perfect, is very very useful. The google image search is one of the quickest and handiest ways to get images you want. Google earth, need I say more. Google maps, where you can easily look up places and addresses, and even advertise your businesss for free (anyone who searches your businesss name on Google, the first result will be your location on a Google map). And of course the feature that started it all.....the Google search, the fastest most accurate and user friendly search engine in the internet. How much do you pay for all of this, which is the equivilant of thousands of dollars worth of document processing software, gps software, image gallerys, email, disk space, translation software.....not a cent, it's all free. Do they deserve the hype, why YES they do!
    Don't get me wrong, I love Google and it's gaggle of products, but there is a lot of hype, and buzz around Google right now. Makes me think of our friends in Redmond circa 1995. A lot of folks think that Google can do no wrong. I just don't think that's quite true.

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