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    I did like this show during seasons 1 and 2. But I now feel that this show is most overrated show on network TV. The actresses on the show are overrated. The best one is Chandra Wilson. But I don't think any of her work has been Emmy worthy. Grey's Anatomy is show that proves political correctness is being favored by award voters than actual talent. Sandra Oh and Chandra Wilson have been benefited Hollywood style of affirmative action. Don't label me racist. I'm Hispanic and don't find any of the non-white GA actresses talented. I think Sara Ramirez isn't great at all.
    BORING! It's an ER-wannabe, without the dark grittiness.
    I think this is the most overrated show ever, and the chart here confirms it..
    I think It's a kind of shallow, superficial show with unrealistic characters and situations. But, I guess some people like that sort of entertainment.
    I used to LOVE GA, but I'm a little tired of how everyone is yammering about McSteamy this and McDreamy that. The nicknames have GOT to go. That being said, I still watch it religiously because I can't help but get pulled in. There's a lot of real emotion and humor in the show, and most of the actors are great. I'm a little bored with the main story line of Meredith and Derek, but I can put up with it.
    Chunk, you are the most critical person I know. They say that the most critical are those who are the least creative. This show is good. I watch it with my wife and we enjoy it. I enjoy the several subplots that complicate the main plot. I also like how at least two people in the hospital are always facing similar conflicts simultaneously. I don't like that the entire staff has slept with each other. i think that is unrealistic and soap opera-like.
    The show is boring. The crap in my toilet bowl is more entertaining. I don't want to watch a bunch of people whine about how hard it is to live thier lives.

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