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    I thought season 1 was great, but stopped watching during Season 4 episodes 4-5.My problem with the show is that it was always too open-ended and that they could get away with anything. They could potentially drop aliens from the sky or have an asteroid kill a character and get away with it. On top of that it seemed like they were dragging the show on and on without answers. My final reason that it's overrated is because the writers were forced to end the show and ABC only allowed them to continue to answer the questions to wrap the series in a fair manner. Even though I've heard from people that Seasons 5 and 6 have been great so the boiling question is should the Lost writers be given credit for having a gun to their heads to end the show?
    Depends completely when you ask. Excellent conception and development, yet when it became clear the writers didn't know where they were going, the show collapsed twice as far as it had built itself up. I'm in it to the end, yet feel I won't have closure on the Dharma Intiative, Desmond's visions of Claire, the true nature/behavior of the others/hostiles, Walt's "specialness", the season 2 food drop, and a whole slew of other tidbits that need resolution due to their significance in developing the story.
    Excellent show that has enough loud detractors who balance out the any overhyping.
    Clearly not the best show on tv, but i will not say Lost is overrated. It has his ups and downs...
    The first 2 seasons of LOST were really good. The more recent ones, however, are just confusing.
    Like most long running shows it has it's ups and downs but the ups heve the advantage. Great show.
    Epically meandering and incomprehensible, yet people can't seem to stop talking about it. Overrated.
    I don't think it's overrated right now.. It used to be..
    1st season rocked. It all turned to shit after they went into the hatch.
    The finale blow my mind. The best flashbacks/forwards of any episode. WHO WAS IN THE CASKET???? I think it was Locke.
    Now this is getting good. The second half of season 3 is getting really good. With 2 episodes left, there are still a lot of questions. But they have definitely given me what I was looking for.
    WOW. This week's episode was mindblowing. Seriously, Jack...what's your deal!?!?!
    The second half of season 3 needs to provide a lot of answers. If the first episode is any indication, there should be some really good twists and answers.
    i absolutely love this show... i have to say that i think 24 trumps LOST overall. However were i to take in consideration just the first season of LOST nothing could beat that. That was one of the greatest single seasons of a TV show ive ever seen
    B-Movie soap opera, if only there are some answers or at least HOPE of an ending
    The story is unfolding way too slowly. If there aren't some answers by the end of this season, I'm afraid I will have to give up on it for good.
    Love it, but it's turning into Gilligan's Island without the funny. I'm smelling a distinct lack of plan...
    Agreed, but it is better on DVD.
    I think this is the best TV show on TV right now. I think it trumps 24 and definitely Desperate Housewives.

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